In the Balance

A Sense of Urgency

Do you have it?  I see it draining out of my compatriots daily, just like it said in the old song, “Metal Dance”:  I’ll synthesize your dreams away/you want to do the Metal Dance.”  It’s so easy to lose sight of the grand sweep of history in these days where everything is orchestrated to make it seem like anything that happened more than ten years ago belongs to a realm akin to the era of Ancient Egypt.  I am here to trace a process that really kicks in with the Industrial Revolution, coincident with the American and French Revolutions, a process in which Mechanization Takes Command.  This must be considered in the context of the concurrent philosophical revolution that informed the technological one and subtends it.  Its roots go back to William of Ockham in the 14th century, the legacy of empricism, or, as some call it, ratio-empricism.  In examining this revolution, one may come to the conclusion that Reason has betrayed the mind.  But to put it more cogently, it is technological rationality whch has supplanted individual rationality.  Think of driving a car.  It is the dictates of the apparatus that frame the entire range of experience; one gives oneself up in a very real sense in a devil’s bargain to do x .