“This is not a drill, missiles detected.”  How many “smartphones” did this message appear on?  One must assume that the number approaches the entire population of Hawaii.  Now perhaps it might dawn on the clouded mind what potential for mass manipulation is inherent in these devices.  There is an equation that is built into all this stuff.  Sure, it’s convenient, and may even be of crucial benefit to certain individuals at certain times.  But what are the costs?  We think we can manage them.  Can we?  Do you want a year taken off your life because you freaked out so bad that you peed your pants because you believed that a nuclear missile was heading straight for you, only to discover 38 minutes later (!) that some prankster is messing with your mind?  Let us consider the individual who sent the message.  Reports indicate that there was a safety on the send mechanism.  You know, “Are you sure?”  The individual clicked yes.  Clicked yes!!  This account is so disturbing that one wonders if there isn’t some other explanation.  Who would do that to 1,427,538 people?  “Hey, man, I dare you to click on that.”  Then afterward, some official–“This individual has been reassigned.”  And that’s the end of it?  Statement to the public–“This incident is totally unacceptable.”  Such absurd understatements only underwrite the possiblilty for future outrages.  This is of a piece, it goes with the technological imperative like ham goes with eggs.

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